Why you are not specialized in one kind of heritage products as the urban or crafts or any other?

Any heritage product lived long enough to find that it is already woven with other contexts within the surroundings. what we do is to regenerate the project according to its own surrounding contexts network, according to all aspects related.

A- When you say conservation, do you mean restoration?
B- Please explain more, what is the difference between conservation and restoration?

A- Restoration is just one of many conservation methods, it is a practical stage.

B- Sure! It is like the difference between designing and constructing a building. How would any one construct a building without the architectural design phase that has considered a concept and other aspects as the environmental, economic, social, psychological, cultural, etc...

 Simply, how would we physically construct and make intervention without a vision.

Can we balance between conserving values and make a profit?

Of course, it is an essential part to achieve sustainability.

Why you would afford more successful projects than others?

If you put in consideration just one aspect you would only get it regardless the other ones, our life is integrated in a complex way, sure we would lose a lot if we don’t work according to a multi-contextual approach.